An Exercise Routine Anyone Can Do

An Exercise Routine Anyone Can Do

Maintaining a healthy heart and controlling our weight is something we all should strive to improve. Whether that’s doing some sort of exercise or eating more fruits and vegetables; starting with tiny steps will likely assist you in attaining your heart health goals by creating healthy habits. We all realize that exercise is one of the hardest routines to adopt into a daily schedule, and we invent every excuse imaginable on why we don’t dedicate time to the practice.

We also understand that everyone is at different points in their fitness journeys, which is why our overall focus this month is on basic activities that most anyone can use to increase their movement. Today’s exercise routine is one that anyone can do. It’s low cost, low impact, fun, and quite motivating. Well by now you are wondering … what on earth could this exercise be?

Well, it’s our Sit & Fit Exercise Program. This routine consists of the person sitting in a straight back chair with arms, with feet flat on the floor while grasping a small ball about 6 inches in diameter, and completing range of motion movements in circles, overhead, pushing, and side-to-side. We encourage you to begin slowly with low intensity to prevent injury. This way your body will have time to adjust to the new activity. These exercises can strengthen muscles and therefore help support your daily activities.

I have an older sister who is 75 years old, and she was struggling in her preparation of the family Thanksgiving dinner traditional gumbo soup. She was losing strength in her arms to stir the huge pot of gumbo as she added all her delicious spices and seafood to this magnificent meal. I assisted her in learning some of the Sit & Fit exercises, and she was diligent in exercising at three times a week. Today, she is much stronger in her arms, and the exercising has helped her heart and her mental clarity. She is stronger and ready to prepare the family treat this coming Thanksgiving. Community Health Works wishes you and your family a happy and healthy holiday, and we trust you will consider learning more about exercises anyone can do!

Cozell Harris, Costal Georgia Community Liaison

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