Veggie Van

Veggie Van

Underneath the cartoon vegetables on her exterior lies a real-life Veggie-Tastic superhero.  The Veggie Van began life as an emergency services vehicle, once donated to CHW, it has served two major purposes. 

Though we never received ice cream truck like fanfare, it has been used to haul produce into urban food deserts to increase healthy food access as well as bringing healthy food items to senior centers within rural food deserts.   

The Veggie Van also fulfills its superhero mission with her long headlight eyelashes as a kid friendly platform that CHW uses to bring health and nutrition education to local daycares, preschools, schools, and events.  Seniors at local senior centers love her too. 

Holy-eggplant parmesan, the Veggie Van is really a Veggie-Tastic superhero. 

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