Teen Maze Tobacco Decision Point

Teen Maze Tobacco Decision Point


Teen Maze is an interactive event created to educate high school students on consequences of using drugs and alcohol and is focused on developing the skill of responsible decision making. Student participants attend a hypothetical party where they are given a card that presents them with a scenario about an unhealthy choice that they can decide to make at the party. After participating in a mock party, the students then enter the “maze”, where they visit different tables that represent possible consequences of decisions made at the party.

Helping youth understand the choices and consequences they encounter in their everyday lives is demonstrated through the Teen Maze approach, and Community Health Works has participated in several Teen Mazes throughout the years to educate youth on the importance of making healthy choices.

Education is the key to raising healthy and successful young people that will further influence their adult lives. This goes beyond traditional curriculum. Now adays, our youth face a reality that includes drugs, smoking tobacco, vaping, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, and emotional confusion from the mixed messages they receive from their friends and various media. 

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