No-Cost Colorectal Screening Program

No-Cost Colorectal Screening Program

Community Health Works operates as a member of the Regional Cancer Coalitions of Georgia, and our reach is depicted on the following map:

CHW manages a colorectal cancer (CRC) screening program for uninsured in Central and Southeastern Georgia.  This program consists of both a systemic and individual component.

First, CHW works with providers, particularly safety-net providers to integrate the use of high sensitivity stool based (FIT) into their clinical workflows where appropriate to increase CRC screening rates.  These stool based tests can be done in the privacy of the patient’s home and examine the stool for evidence of blood.

Second, CHW operates a no-costs CRC screening program where uninsured Georgians with a positive stool based FIT can have a diagnostic colonoscopy done at no cost. 

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