No-Cost Lung Cancer Screening Program

No-Cost Lung Cancer Screening Program

Community Health Works operates as a member of the Regional Cancer Coalitions of Georgia, and our reach is depicted on the following map:

CHW manages a no-cost lung cancer screening program for uninsured Georgia residents in the Central and Southeastern Georgia. CHW promotes the use of Low dose CT tests for the early detection of lung cancer among those at elevated risk.  CHW promotes these screening among the community at large as well as the healthcare provider  community.  CHW also pays for these screenings for uninsured Georgians. 

A low dose CT lung cancer screening may be appropriate for those who currently smokes or smoked in the past.   

This program is funded by CHW’s small share of Georgia’s portion of the Master Tobacco Settlement.  To participate in this program a client must be referred by a participating safety net provider. 

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