Childhood Obesity Education

Childhood Obesity Education

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Adult and childhood obesity rates in Vidalia Georgia and surrounding area are well above state and national averages. This increased rate of obesity has a negative impact on the quality of life, health, and economy of the area. Collaborative approaches offer the best hope for improving the obesity epidemic within the area. Previously, a lack of funds prevented an aggressive collaborative approach to addressing this issue.  Interested medical providers did not have the human resources or the expertise to organize, build or fund a network project. For these reasons, CHW’s sister organization, Rural Health Works helped Meadows Healthcare, local physicians, community organizations, and 5 area school systems to unit to form the Southeast Georgia Obesity Prevention Network. 

Developed over the course of a year-long community wide needs assessment and strategic planning process, the goal of the childhood obesity education project is to implement a sustainable obesity prevention program by creating a network of stakeholders for at risk youth and their families. Our network strives to improve the lives of children and families in our communities through a collaborative effort and optimizing the effectiveness of our resources.

Community Health Works hopes that this initiative will achieve:

  1. Efficiencies through provider collaboration and coordination
  2. Expand access to health care services by tackling environmental and cultural barriers
  3. Improve the quality of health care services by providing providers and their staff with the necessary tools to effectively manage the population

The network is piloting a program in partnership with the Mercer University School of Medicine to utilize motivational interviewing during family counseling to reduce childhood obesity in at-risk youth.   

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