We are building health education resources in the form of on-demand video presentations. Any community member and/or partner is welcomed and encouraged to use and benefit from these videos we have on our youtube.

In addition, we have established partnership with Family Advancement Ministries (FAM) so that these videos will be available for individuals enrolled in their Life-Skills Education Program. FAM hopes that the individuals they reach through their Life-Skills Program are enabled to open new opportunities by building confidence, growing their self-esteem, and establishing a stronger family, by implementing skills they learn in the program. Learn more about FAM with the links below. 


To view our on-demand education offerings at this time, please see below. Check back for updates as new content is added on a regular basis. Note: All answers to the guided questions are covered in the videos or are reflective in nature.

How do I detect cancer early?

Screenings are used to detect cancer early so that cancer can be detected early. This video covers screening methods and recommendations for breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer (in that order).

8 Tips for Cancer Prevention

This cancer prevention presentation covers 8 habits you need to know relating to cancer prevention.

Cervical Cancer Prevention

Cervical Cancer Prevention explains how cervical cancer is preventable.

Vaping Education

Let’s Talk About Vaping discusses the dangers associated with vaping.

Coming Soon

Coming soon: Colon Cancer Presentation

If you are interested in learning some easy tips and tricks on how to live a healthy life, check out Community Health Corner. This is our monthly video series where we cover a variety of topics that you can implement in your every day life. It premiers on the first Wednesday of every month on youtube, Facebook, and X (formerly twitter).

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