Migrant Farm Worker Sun Safety Program

Migrant Farm Worker Sun Safety Program


Migrant farmworkers are at an increased risk of developing skin cancer from daily exposure to excessive amounts of ultraviolet radiation from the sun.  Because there is generally a deficit of sufficient information and knowledge about the risks of skin cancer from the sun among these groups, many in this community are developing skin cancer as a result of improper preventative habits. In an effort to reverse this trend, we provided local farmers and their workers with  bi-lingual educational material with information on the dangers of UV exposure and skin cancer. 

In addition to increasing knowledge of these dangers, we hope to increase access of sun-safety gear to migrant farm workers so that they have the materials they need to put their newly learned knowledge to practice. In an effort to increase protection behaviors, CHW also provides local farmworkers with sun protection materials, including wide-brim sun hats, sunscreen, UV lip protection, and sunglasses each year. 

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