Advanced Diagnostic Breast Cancer Screening Program

Advanced Diagnostic Breast Cancer Screening Program


Community Health Works operates as a member of the Regional Cancer Coalitions of Georgia, and our reach is depicted on the following map:

CHW manages an advanced diagnostic breast cancer screening program for uninsured Georgia residents in Central and Southeastern Georgia. This program helps to bolster and support existing breast cancer screening programs by absorbing the cost of more expensive breast cancer tests that occur after a woman experiences an abnormal mammogram. Because costs for ultrasounds, needle biopsies, surgical excision of precancerous tissue, and other diagnostic procedures are highly variable, programs that focus primarily on free screening mammograms often find themselves unable to reach their full screening goals due to the costs of these more advanced tests thus reducing the total number of uninsured women who are screened for breast cancer. CHW essentially acts similar to an insurance policy for organizations that are providing free screening mammograms when they experience unusually high costs due to the need for a large number of advanced diagnostic procedures and tests. 

This program is funded by CHW’s small share of Georgia’s portion of the Master Tobacco Settlement. To participate in this program a client must require significant advanced diagnostic testing after receiving a screening mammogram through a safety-net screening program. Most beneficiaries of this program will never know that they benefited from it. They will simply just do not receive a bill for their biopsy and pathology.  If you are uninsured, have an abnormal mammogram result, and are unable to obtain follow up diagnostics, contact our office for more assistance. 

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