Pantry Organization to Meet Your Healthy Eating Goals

Pantry Organization to Meet Your Healthy Eating Goals

Keeping your pantry organized is one thing. Optimizing it to meet your healthy eating goals is another. A solid pantry organization strategy can put healthy choices front and center and can help you avoid choices that you will not want to reach for as often.

It is a lot easier to stick to your healthy eating goals when you aren’t being met with unhealthy options. I’m talking about the notorious bags of lays potato chips and boxes of cookies in your eyesight every time you go to get something to eat.

Healthy Pantry Habits

Use the following tips for pantry organization that will help you achieve your healthy eating goals.

Invest in clear containers.

Transitioning your food items from its original packaging to clear containers can make a world of difference when it comes to knowing what healthy food options you have.

Not only can this free up space when you are needing to make some room, but you can easily see how much of each item you have remaining. This also prevents you running out of staple food items unexpectedly.

When you have a consistent stock of your favorite healthy food options, you are much less likely to turn to alternates, like fast food.

In addition, using clear containers to store your food options holds you more accountable with what foods are stocked. When you can clearly see the food items themselves, you cannot hide what you are stocking your pantry with.

Put healthy items in eyesight.

You have probably heard of the phrase, “out of sight, out of mind.” This is especially true when considering your pantry organization.

If the first thing you see in your pantry when you are interested in finding a snack or making a meal are healthy food options, you are much more likely to choose those healthy options.

This does not mean to fully remove treats from your pantry. However, if you are serious about meeting your healthy eating goals, move those more indulgent options out of your initial line of sight when organizing your pantry.

Healthy snack alternatives include things like popcorn instead of chips, or options like homemade trail mix.

Prepare healthy snacks in advance.

Speaking of trail mix, trail mix is a great healthy snack option that you can prepare in advance and have readily available for the week in your pantry. Trail mix is entirely customizable and is a versatile snack, perfect for couch sitting, lunch packing, and on the go nourishment.

Being in a hurry is one of the major reasons why healthy food options are chosen less often. The convenience of fast food or picking up a package of sweets from the bakery section of your store is tempting. This is why preparing your snack options ahead of time can be a smart solution.

Create some healthy snack kits and place them in your eyesight inside the pantry so that you are sure to choose them. You can start small with things like protein bars, trail mix, and popcorn.

Remember when you are choosing healthy snacks to choose those you actually will want to eat. Even if you prepare healthy snacks and place them at eye-level, you will not be choosing them if they are foods you do not like.


Pantry organization is for anyone, and these tips for organizing your pantry will help you choose healthy options so you can stick to your healthy eating goals.

Remember, you do not need to completely eliminate treats from your diet. Just remember that treats should be just that- an occasional treat.

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