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Farm to School in December

During the month of December, Community Health Works visited 8 schools and over 700 students in the Bibb County School District for Farm to School. CHW introduced students to Naomi Davis of Davis Farms who shared first-hand experiences with the students about what it’s like working on a farm, caring for her animals, what she grows on her farm, and why it’s important to include different varieties of fruits and vegetables in our daily meals.  Each month the Bibb County School Nutrition program features a “Harvest of the Month” and incorporates that fruit or vegetable into the weekly lunch menu.  Potatoes were the Harvest of the Month for December – so in addition to the students being enthralled with Ms. Davis’ stories about her chickens and the myriad of fruits and vegetables that she grows on her farm, Ms. Davis also did a lesson on potatoes.  The students learned interesting facts about the history of potatoes and that there are over 4,000 varieties of potato, but they were probably most captivated by the oddity that the potato is actually its own seed!  The children were amazed to learn that unlike other fruits and vegetables that you have to plant with seeds, the potato will reproduce simply by being cut into pieces and planted in the ground.  To supplement the experience, the Bibb County School Nutrition team coordinated for the students to be able to taste test several different kinds of potatoes.  From fingerling potatoes to sweet potato fries, the kids loved them all!

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