Today is National Hot Chocolate Day


With the current cold snap, we warmly welcome National Hot Chocolate Day. This beverage is deeply-rooted in Americans' collective childhood culture. We tend to turn to a cup of hot chocolate on rainy days, or even a day like today; when the sky is clear, but the temperature is down-right cold. So cheers, find a place where you can sit back and relax while enjoying a warm cup of your favorite hot chocolate.

National Hot Chocolate Day Activities

1. Drink up
Indulge in your favorite hot chocolate by heading down to your local coffee shop or restaurant with your go-to drink. The truly best way to celebrate hot chocolate in all it's chocolatey glory is simply drinking it!

2. Make your own marshmallows and whipped cream
Whipped cream and marshmallows are surprisingly easy to make. Marshmallows are a simple combination of gelatin, vanilla, sugar and corn syrup while whipped cream is just whipping cream beaten with sugar. Find a new recipe online and put your culinary skills to this easy test—you'll have a tasty recipe to sweeten up your chocolate-y repertoire.

3. Host a hot chocolate sampler
Today there's an endless array of hot chocolate concoctions: Mexican hot chocolate, white hot chocolate, creme de menthe hot chocolate, gingerbread hot chocolate... you get the idea. Make the happy hour a sweet sensation with friends by preparing some quirky hot chocolate flavors—it'll liven up everyone's favorite winter sip.

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Thursday, 27 February 2020
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