Do you have it? If your answer is "no," I'll convince you on why it should be "yes."

First, generally speaking, most of us have a smartphone. Secondly, we usually take pictures and videos with these devices. So, you probably already have video content to help enhance your story. If not, you can decide to start shooting video, keeping in mind, that you will use it to help strengthen your future writing.

You do not have to be a professional videographer. In some instances, you'll find that the video you shot using your smartphone or tablet is perfect for the context of your topic. For example, you took your dogs for a walk in the park, and you captured great moments as your dogs made a fuss over playing with each other. How adorable, right?

Now you've ended your day, and it's time to blog. You should undoubtedly start your blog in chronological order. I'm going to fast forward to an afternoon outdoor play session with a few of my known furry companions. Viola. I have written a blurb about outdoor fun, and now have a video that enhances this particular section of my story.

To wrap it up, you can and should use the power of video to enhance and engage your audience when you find it appropriate. Have fun and blog on!