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1. Improving Access

CGCC partners with the Georgia Department of Human Resources to facilitate access to state cancer aid for un/underinsured Georgians.  Through public and educational events, CGCC takes full advantage of the resources of our partners to offer educational opportunities for healthcare providers, social workers, cancer patients, students and the general public.  Through the Susan G. Komen and Georgia Breast Cancer Tag grants, uninsured and economically disadvantaged women have access to yearly mammograms.  CGCC regularly partners to host health fairs which often include free or low cost health screenings such as PSA tests.  CGCC supports the American Cancer Society’s patient navigation system of coordinated care.  Through the Bibb, Houston and Laurens County volunteer clinics, the uninsured and economically disadvantage have access to ongoing primary care relationships and cancer screenings.  

2.  Reducing Disparities

In all CGCC counties, age-adjusted death rates for all cancers are higher among the African-American population than the Caucasian population.  African-Americans are 27% more likely to die of cancer than whites.  African-American males are twice as likely to die of prostate cancer as white males.   Both minority men and minority women are disproportionately unlikely to receive cancer screenings and early detections. In a region with a growing Hispanic population, the need is growing to provide language and culturally-competent services to Spanish-speaking residents.  Hispanic residents of the region are less likely to be insured and may also fear that they will not be understood or be able to communicate with physicians or their staff. Families with children with cancer often seek care in distant locations of the state..

CGCC targets vulnerable groups with educational opportunities and access to healthcare services.  Programs such as the “Girl Talk” luncheon and “Project Access: Men’s Health” connect directly with minority communities in the area and utilize valuable community resources to motivate communities to proactive health choices.  Co sponsoring Houston Counties Breast Cancer Awareness luncheon brought more that 700 women to an event that raised awareness of breast cancer and services available.  CGCC and HCCG are committed to building and strengthening an existing provider network that brings diagnostic, primary care and other physicians’ services to the uninsured at affordable cost to the individual and their family.   CGCC is also committed to maintaining and strengthening a multi-lingual and culturally-competent team that is sensitive to the unique needs of vulnerable populations. Supporting efforts of the Ronald McDonald House and the Children’s Hospital, families can remain close to home and support while undergoing cancer treatments allowing children to live as normal a life as possible

3. Increasing Awareness

By providing technical assistance and financial support for programs, CGCC enables organizations and groups to provide education, screenings, and awareness campaigns in the region. CGCC is a major supporter and coordinator for the Tour de Georgia Healthy Expo and the Komen Race for the Cure. CGCC has been one of the main reasons for the success of the Tour in the area.  CGCC has also sponsored free and public events such as “Project Access: Men’s Health,” during which respected members of targeted communities share information and advocate healthy choices.  

4. Involving Survivors

Beyond our work with various support groups such as Man-to-Man, CGCC highlights cancer survivors at the Tour de Georgia and the Relay for Life.  Survivors form an important component of the Speakers’ Bureau.  Survivors assist with organization, manpower, support and other functions as well. 

5. Utilizing research

The CHW website has added a link to clinical trials information so that care managers may have immediate access to information regarding clinical trials in our area.  CGCC care managers underwent preliminary GA- CORE training on clinical trials, which included a presentation by a cancer survivor who is currently involved in a clinical trial.

6. Fostering Cooperation   

Maintaining communication among members and partnering organizations plays a key role in bringing cancer to the forefront of local concern.  Through the utilization of general email communities and maintenance of an up-to-date web-based resource list, CGCC publicly demonstrates commitment to making cancer a local priority.  CGCC also publishes a quarterly newsletter that keeps the network connected and helps network partners develop a better understanding of available resources.

Collaboration is the key to the success of the Central Georgia Cancer Coalition.  The coalition has the power to synthesize the passion, commitment and resources of dedicated individuals and organizations to provide the best possible screening opportunities, access to high quality comprehensive cancer care, and ongoing support networks.  Emphasis on partnering, rather than competing or duplicating services, ensures that the maximum benefit is available for the maximum number of people.  CGCC is a network of those who are truly committed to effective, sustained and comprehensive cancer care and treatment for the individuals, families and communities whose lives are touched by cancer

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