December Community Health Corner

December Community Health Corner

Happy Wednesday everyone! Welcome back to Community Health Corner. I’m Shelby, and I am Ursula!  

It’s December! Can you believe we have reached the end of 2022? This year has flown by, and I cannot believe it.  

It is crazy how quickly this year has passed by us, but it’s not over yet! December is just getting started, and with that we have yet another set of healthy tips for you to incorporate into your routine so that we can all live healthier lives.  

The first thing we are covering today is cooking with sugar! Sarah and Henry are going to be making sugar cookies, and with this recipe they are going to discuss what to substitute for sugar, and when it is appropriate to substitute for sugar.  

In addition, Shelby is going to be presenting some endurance building exercises as well as a routine for those whose goal is to build endurance when at the gym, or at home. We are also going to discuss some tips for getting some cardio in while just cleaning your home.  

Ursula is going to cover hand hygiene as well as the proper way to wash your hands.  

Dr. Bob is diving into family health history. What does family health history mean, and what exactly does your family’s health history mean for you? What details do you need to know, and what do you need to tell your doctor?  

Eat Better

You can download an easy to use reference sheet that when and how to cook and bake with sugar substitutes below.

Our lower sugar cookie recipe is provided in printable form below.

Move More

For more examples of exercises that can help you build up your endurance, check out this list of At-Home Workouts from Health Hub.

Take Care

Texas A&M Health conducted simple tests with food coloring to determine the best way to prevent spreading germs when coughing and sneezing.

For a step by step guide to help you stop touching you face, check out Doctor Ali’s video.

See Your Doctor

For more information on how your genes can determine your health, see this short video from Sanford Health.

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